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Super Simple

Create your own AR content in seconds with Sentiful - the first mobile-based AR creation app on the market. No complex software needed.

Powerful AR Experiences

Create a varierty of AR content, including text, images, videos, GIFs and stickers, with more being regularly added.

Place Your Message Anywhere

Place your AR content on almost physical objects including gifts, greeting cards, posters, walls - it's up to your imagination!

We are a part of

Sentiful engages students in classrooms

The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) makes learning more fun by enabling students to create with augmented reality using the Sentiful app.

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Use Cases

Welcome to the world of hidden AR messages where the only limits are your imagination.

Personalize your gifts

Add your personal photos and videos as a surprise message on your next gift

Secret Messages

Add secret messages to objects.

Next-Level Crafts with AR

Add AR content to your arts and crafts

How it works

Create something special in a few, simple steps.

Step 1

Take a photo of an object

Step 2

Add an AR effect on object

Step 3

Share your AR message

App Screenshots

A preview of what you can do on Sentiful

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Create, share and discover hidden messages.

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